Droit des sociétés


Company Law

Company Law
Creation of companies
Capital operations (capital increase / decrease in capital, etc…)
Legal secretariat (Boards and meetings preparation / planning and management)
Change of corporate form
Setting up of stock-options plans (Share warrants for entrepreneurs)

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Connection data and national security: the French Administrative supreme court’s judgment

In a ruling dated April 21, 2021 informally known as “French Data Network” (CE, Ass., 21 Apr. 2021, n°393099), the French administrative supreme court (Conseil d’Etat) analysed the general obligation of retention of connection data imposed on telecommunications operators, internet service......

BEHRING has made the cut in the Jeune Afrique Business+ ranking

We are delighted to announce that BEHRING has been selected to feature in the ranking of the 100 most influential business lawyers in French-speaking Africa. Anne-Solène Gay features in 10th position.

BEHRING frequently acts in several African countries in the context of large infrastructure......

The Conseil d’Etat decided in favour of the telecom operators in three cases about mobile phone mast.

By three judgements delivered on October 26th, 2011, the Conseil d’Etat decided in favour of the telecom operators, particularly in finding that the mayors were not empowered to enact ordinances to prohibit the installation of antennas on the territory of their communes. ...