Droit économique



Antitrust (cartel and abuse of dominant position)
Concentrations Mergers
State aid and funding
Unfair practices (discrimination, abusive commercial and discount practices, etc.)
Counselling and litigation before courts and national and European regulatory authorities (Autorité de la concurrence, DGCCRF, European Commission)


Relations between suppliers and distributors
Distribution networks (franchise, exclusive distribution, brokers, sales agents)
Group of distributors
General terms and conditions and pricing conditions

Consumer Law

Sales and promotions
Unconscionable clauses
Relations with regulatory authorities, consumer associations
Dispute management

Breaking News:

French competition authority decision regarding the Internet interconnection market

Cogent/France Télécom – French Competition authority decision regarding the Internet interconnection market...

Opinion of the French competition authority n°11-A-20 dated December 15, 2011, regarding the dissemination of data regarding radio sites of mobile operators

The French competition authority (“Autorité de la concurrence”) gave recently an opinion about the mobile telecom operators’ strategy of deployment.

The Autorité de la concurrence, in its Opinion No. 11-A-20 dated December 15, 2011, recommends that the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) should take......