Charte éthique

Ethics of Juris Initiative

Juris Initiative members are subject to the ethical rules of the profession of attorneys at law.

These rules are supervised by the Bar Association and by competent courts. They are stated in the National Rules of the Bar (RIN) available at:

Two essential rules can be pointed out:

Professional secrecy, which is general and absolute. It is forbidden to disclose information you have entrusted to us. Any breach is an offence triggering criminal sanctions;
No conflict of interest, which means that a Juris Initiative attorney can not intervene for parties with diverging interests.

Attached to ethics, attorneys of the Juris Initiative network go beyond the traditional rules of their profession by committing on transparency, responsiveness and creativity.

Transparency: Attorneys of the Juris Initiative network inform you of the amount or the method of calculating fees before any intervention. They inform you about their hourly rate and can offer a cap fee when the case allows it. At your request, you will be regularly informed of the fees status and of the details of actions taken.
Responsive: Attorneys of the Juris Initiative network are available and will reply to you shortly: an appointment, possibly by phone, will usually be set up during which the attorney will clarify the time needed to address your questions. He/she will keep you regularly informed throughout the case.
Creativity: Attorneys of the Juris Initiative network will seek with you the most effective solution. In compliance with regulations, they endeavour to find concrete, innovative and pragmatic answers to your questions.

This common ethic is one of the keys of success of the teams formed by the members of Juris Initiative.